Worry Less, Be  Yourself, & Live More

You feel wound up and overwhelmed by almost everything. 


The idea of answering the question "How was your day?" is too heavy and complex to answer. You toss and turn throughout the night. Your mind won’t let you forget about the thing you said and did. Your “inner critic” berates you about the things you didn’t say or do when you had the chance.

Sound familiar?

The good thing is anxiety relief is achievable

The idea of living life on your terms, sounds like a fantasy. You can’t be yourself, because you’re afraid no one will like that version of you, the real you.

Your current idea of being confident & secure is complex. Morphing into someone who is not you -- a materialistic, selfish, arrogant, & ego-driven?

Not a chance!

I don’t want you to be different and I don’t want you to pretend to be someone you’re not. I want you to embrace the real you. The real you doesn’t want to hide away.

The real you wants a chance to live a full life.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the real you. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and I'm sure you're curious to learn more about me too! With me, therapy is collaborative, filled with practical solutions, and sprinkled w/ laughter. 

I'm Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW

anxiety specialist &
confidence strategist

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Inclusive Therapist Collective

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