what does anxiety relief & confidence look like to you?

Hi! I'm Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW

here to help you relieve anxiety, release insecurity, & discover your confidence

I’m a therapist but you might also call me an Anxiety Specialist & Confidence Strategist. I use the pronouns, she/her/hers and help people who dream about being confident but are buried under the heavy burden of anxiety.

I support my clients by helping them identify how anxiety is holding them back so that they can discover how to genuinely express their confidence.

My Clients have the desire to...

Become confident decision makers

Live the lifestyle they want

Enter a room without hesitation

Stop apologizing for who they are NOT

Embrace their inner and outer Rockstar

Speak up for themselves & advocate for others

Create & maintain meaningful relationships (friends, family, romantic)

Express their confidence through love, not arrogance

Ready to relieve anxiety + release insecurity?

During our sessions, we discuss how to approach and manage feelings of anxiety & insecurity. When doubt starts to creep in, these FIVE principals can help to keep you on track, to maintain a confident & balanced lifestyle:

1. Surround yourself w/
 Like-minded people

2. Focus on the things you love

3. Celebrate all wins

4. Redefine your comfort zone (by expanding your horizons)

5. Don’t compare

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how i became a therapist

A lot of my clients are curious about how I became a therapist. I attended graduate school for two years at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research - where I received two Masters Degrees , hence the reason for the alphabet soup after my name.

I started my career working at regional hospitals, helping people move from feeling discouraged after receiving a devastating medical diagnosis to feeling inspired to live their life with dignity.

With the encouragement of my peers, I began to enhance my approach to helping people in many ways. I took the skills I had learned from helping people through their darkest moments, and added them to a new set of skills I attained by attending training workshops & conferences.

I went even further and worked 1:1 with several knowledgeable mentors and continually expanded my awareness of working with others by reading tons of books and research articles.

I took TWO 4-hour licensing exams and here we are, Aisha, the therapist was born. 

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Ready for the Next Step?

I believe that kind confidence will change the world. If you’re interested in managing your anxiety and taking a step toward being more confident, then click below to learn more!

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