Convenient, accessible, & personalized therapy is what you’ve always wanted 

And with online counseling, you can have it all. 

We live in a global world and yet some aspects of our daily life haven’t caught up to the level of ease and comfort that we need to keep everything going smoothly. Online Counseling has been around for several years, but after experiencing a global pandemic, everyone is becoming more focused on how they can do things differently. 


fitting therapy into your life doesn't have to be difficult

What will you do with all your newly found free time?


phone tag & paper trails are a thing of the past

A reliable and strong internet connection will serve you well. 

Whether you have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Online Counseling can be accessed from almost any device.

There are two ways in which I interact with my clients via video-based counseling, Spruce, a HIPAA compliant phone system has an app that will allow you and I to see each other face to face without being in the same room.

Simple Practice, the host for my client portal, the same place where you pay your session fees and schedule appointments, creates a unique link for you and me to have video-based therapy and you don’t need to download an additional app.


your goals are too important to receive cookie cutter approaches

Ready for the Next Step?

I believe that kind confidence will change the world. If you’re interested in managing your anxiety and taking a step toward being more confident, then click below to learn more!

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