Every aspect of your external life appears to be organized, color-coded, and nothing is out of place.  

You're praised for appearing flawless

On the outside,
you look like you have it all together.

You’re the one who always follows the rules.

You’re always on time, matter of fact,
you’re always early. 

And you not only volunteer to help out whenever you’re called upon, you anticipate the needs of others, so that they don’t even have to ask you for help

On the inside, you crumble at the idea of conflict.

When things don’t go according to plan, you fall apart.  Your inner critic and intuition are in a constant battle; unsure about which is really in charge.
Racing thoughts keep you from stepping out of line.

No one knows about your daily struggle and sadly, you’re convinced that no one cares because you’re so used to being there for everyone else.

You feel like you don't have friends that care as much about you, as you do about them.

It’s painful to simultaneously exist in two different worlds.

The weight of carrying two different personas is exhausting.

The overlap between the two planes of existence, make it unclear on how one can exist without the other. But this is how it’s always been, and you’re convinced there’s no other way to operate.

You’re wilting under the constant pressure to be someone you are not.
It seems like everyone around you is ‘living their best life’ and you’re stuck with replaying the good old days that were actually, not that great.

How can you flourish in one area of your life & flounder in another?

When making an effort to tackle the complex nature of high-functioning anxiety, the goal in therapy is to have more of your productive traits shine through instead of eclipsing and masking the maladaptive ways you have tried to manage life’s stressors.

We won’t focus on changing who you are...

...but rather create a shift in how you navigate your world.

You’re hoping that one day you’ll be the type of person who...

inspires others to do better because the world is a tough place and you don't feel the need to make it harder than it has to be.

stands up for themselves and for others, especially when injustice is rearing its ugly little head.

feels sure of themselves every time they leave the house without feeling the need to make others feel small in the process.

doesn’t cover every thought with self-doubt and embraces the pleasant and unpleasant moments of life.

The one whose hopes and dreams manifest into reality.

let your inner wisdom shine through

we’ll enhance your tools so that the amount of effort it takes to get through the day is
 less exhausting and more energizing.

Instead of trying to make things work ‘the old fashion way’,

Throughout our time together, my clients and I celebrate all the wins and all the feels.

The moments when no one else noticed how difficult it was for you to speak but inside you know the ‘old you’ would be impressed with how well you’re embracing your life as a confident, caring, and compassionate person.

And the moment when you’re feeling so frustrated that you give your biggest adversary a piece of your mind in a confident and kind way.

Therapy for Anxiety Relief & Confidence Discovery

Together, we will take all the strengths & gifts that you already have…

… and we’ll secure them to a more sustainable way of living.
You’ll learn strategies that anchor your strengths to
more useful thought and behavior patterns.

And when the tough times hit, the ones that produce moments
of overthinking & people pleasing.

When procrastinating, perfectionism, and avoidance show up at your doorstep, 
you’ll be ready to manage these unproductive thoughts & behavior patterns, so that they only last for moments instead of feeling like their lasting an eternity.

schedule consultation


a practical approach to helping you feel more at ease so that you can live your life on your terms. 

Self-scheduling through a secure, HIPAA=compliant client portal

Consistent scheduling without the wait

Solution-focused approach to help you feel relief sooner rather than later

Transparent therapeutic techniques without the technical jargon

Individual Therapy 


Practical & individualized tools to help you live your life w/ more ease.

you'll leave with:

75-minute initial intake session


Virtual & In-person

45 min+ ongoing therapy sessions


How to Get Started

step one

During this FREE 15-minute consultation, I will learn more about you & what's currently happening in your life.

Together we will discuss if therapy would be a good option for you & if we will be a good fit for each other.


step two

Handshakes are essentially a thing of the past but when you complete intake forms, we're completing a virtual handshake - my commitment & expectations are outlined for you in detail.


step three

You have arrived to your intake session and the mini-intake form you completed will serve as a foundation for our work together.

This is where I will listen and ask clarifying questions about the 7 domains of your life.

Remember, this time is all about you. And the details you share with me will help you move closer to where you want to be.


Let's Get Started!

Allow me to
re-introduce myself

I'm Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW

here to help you manage your anxiety
& re-discover your confidence

I’m a therapist but you might also call me an Anxiety Specialist & Confidence Strategist. I use the pronouns, she/her/hers and help people who dream about being confident but are buried under the heavy burden of anxiety.

I support my clients by helping them identify how anxiety is holding them back so that they can discover how to genuinely express their confidence.

Throughout our time together, my clients and I celebrate all the wins and all the feels. The moments when no one else noticed how difficult it was for you to speak but inside you know the ‘old you’ would be impressed with how well you’re embracing your life as a confident, caring, and compassionate person.

And the moment when you’re feeling so frustrated that you give your biggest adversary a piece of your mind in a confident and kind way.

and only wanted to lean into the familiar

Before working together, my clients often resisted exploring the unknown…

Together we can work to increase your threshold for what the unfamiliar has to offer. You’ll become familiar with managing anxiety instead of becoming swept away by it. You’ll learn how to maintain a balanced life and not feel overwhelmed by life’s transitions.

And you’ll become more comfortable with the idea that thriving in life is not only doable but you’ll start to believe that you can move towards thriving today, in real-time, and not have to live a lifetime of suffering.

The Impact of All Your Hard Work

Become a confident decision maker


Express your confidence through love, not arrogance.


Create & maintain meaningful relationships (friends, family, & partners)


Nothing in life is guaranteed, but what I can tell you is,
IF you work in & out of session - you’ll have the chance to:

Live the lifestyle you want


new experiences can offer new insights 

First, I want to congratulate you for trying something new. It can be scary stepping into uncharted waters. Second, therapy is a process - Rome wasn’t built in a day but you and I will enter into this journey together at your pace. The time that we spend together is all about you AND I consider myself the Jiminy Cricket of therapy. I’ll be challenging you to take action, offering reassurance through the lowlights, and celebrating with you during the highlights.

getting your questions answered is part of the process

The goal of the consultation is for you to share with me what you’re looking to gain from therapy and for both of us to determine if we would be a good fit for each other. If you'd like more detailed information on how to prepare for your free therapy consultation, click here to download the free checklist. 

don't hesitate to contact your insurance provider to learn more about your benefits

Yes, you may be able to use your current insurance benefits for individual therapy sessions.
Currently, In Real Time Wellness is in-network with Aetna.
For all other insurance plans, contact the membership hotline on the back of your insurance card, and ask your insurance provider, if your current plan includes ‘Out of Network’ benefits for outpatient mental health treatment.
“Out of Network” benefits may include, reimbursement, or the ability to pay for therapy using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA)

time is a vital resource that can be used wisely

No, you will not be in therapy forever. I believe that therapy is helpful as long as you are growing and changing as a result of implementing the tools and techniques that are discussed in session. If you and I both do our jobs, you will not be in therapy forever.

anxiety is a relfex that keeps us alive- the goal is to learn how to manage it

When anxiety is super intense, all you want is for that sensation to go away. However, anxiety is a natural occurring response to fear, worry, or danger - in therapy, you won’t learn how to eliminate anxiety, you’ll actually learn how to manage it, so that it doesn’t control your life.

frequency of sessions will impact your work you do inside & outside the session

For new clients, I recommend that the 3-4 sessions take place on a weekly basis - this will give us a chance to build rapport and offer me the chance to understand the details of your day-to-day routine. Once the first month of sessions is complete, we'll discuss revisiting your goals and together we'll determine if continuing to meet weekly is a necessary approach to help you meet your goals or decide if meeting bi-weekly or twice monthly will work.

- Aisha

"Your life is happening now and you deserve to start living it today.”

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