keeping your questions all to yourself, afraid others might think "shouldn't you know that already?!" 

You feel overly self-conscious asking questions about your client cases

You're relying on feedback from professional strangers on social media. This is a quick-fix that can soon lead to an ethical nightmare. You resort to stealing moments before & after video calls from the overworked, highly-favored, sage colleague. Mentally filing away their words of wisdom, in hopes that you’ll remember them on tough work day. 

Perhaps you're bound to the disgruntled supervisor that often schedules and reschedules your 1:1 meetings, only to serve as your task master before sending you another passionless project.

Or maybe you’re the brightest crayon in the box and not only does no one at your job know it, but you feel underappreciated, and you’re the only one who seems to understand how to navigate the chaos and serve your clients at the same time.

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to
reconfirm what you already know.

You were used to the community and communication of an agency - always having someone to brainstorm ideas with but now that you're in a new role, one that's more solo, you're second-guessing a treatment plan or how to move through the next several sessions. With supportive case consultation, you can stop, think and move you through the little moments of doubt.

Move forward confidently

Compassionate advice that's aligned with your unique skills & caseload

Relevant techniques that enhance your clinical practice

More clarity and less confusion when working through difficult cases

Peace of mind when ethical dilemmas strike

Imagine what it would be like to have...

reliable support at your fingertips

Confident & more at ease knowing that you're giving your skills the time & attention they need, so that you can continue to help your clients navigate the therapeutic process.

you'll feel:


"your role is too important to
'fake it til you make it' week -after-week"

custom support for
your unique skillset

Clinical Supervision for
 Mental Health Therapists

Create new skills, enhance others, and come closer to the professional you always dreamed of becoming. 

apply today!


weekly payment of


Weekly Group Supervision

How it Works

getting started is simple


Complete a brief 3-min application sharing details about what you're looking to accomplish from clinical supervision. You'll receive an email confirmation once your application has been received.

discovery call

Together, you & I will virtually meet for 30-minutes to discuss the details of your application to discuss your needs and determine if we would be a good fit for each other.

clinical supervision

Once we mutually agree to collaborate, you receive onboarding paperwork and submit 3 cases one week prior to our initial case consultation meeting. 

I believe that case consultation & clinical supervision are one of the many opportunities where we can learn, grow, develop, and enhance our social work skills.  My professional experience has spanned across medical social work and became more niche as I moved through my career. I started as a hospital-based social worker, first as a discharge planner then moved towards medical specialty care in outpatient settings.

My current social work practice led me to build my own solo private practice, where I provide therapy to those seeking anxiety relief. As a teacher and practitioner of yoga and meditation, I live values within & beyond the session, leaving me room to care for myself and others in a mindful way.

Meet your Consultant

i'm aisha r. shabazz, lcsw

here to help you learn, develop & enhance your clinical skills

without context, scavenging social media for clinical support will fall flat every. single. time.

Tired of Talking to Strangers on Facebook

apply today


Avoid an ethical nightmare and work with a case consultant that will take the time to get to know you and your clients.

How do you know if clinical supervision is for you?

If you appreciate having your biases challenged and consider the challenge as an opportunity for growth within your clinical work.

If you serve your clients with the intention of decolonizing institutions, like education, healthcare, mental health and therapy.

If you authentically support social movements and the populations you serve, beyond trending topics, hashtags, and performative expressions of allyship.

If you have the willingness to hold space for your lived experiences and the lived experiences of others while engaging in case conceptualization.

If you're unsure that your job is 'clinical enough'' & you've thought about leaving the helping industry

If you want practical, lively, & unbiased guidance on how to manage your caseload, your colleagues, your role & career.



And you don't have to figure out everything on your own

your clients aren't the only ones with work to do inside & outside of session

apply today

Common Qs and As:

what's on your mind?

do you offer clinical supervision towards independent licensure?

Yes, however I onboard clinical supervisees in cohorts every 2-3 years. This allows me to take the time and attention supervisees need as they venture towards independent licensure. New cohort announcements are publicized to my email list and  on social media 

how far in advanced do I need to provide you details about my cases?

One week prior to our first clinical supervision session, you will submit 3 client cases for me to review.  Afterwards, you can submit client cases as needed. 

what if i need less than 3 months of support?

I've found that offering less than 3 months of support doesn't allow for me to get to know your clinical style. Once we've completed 3 months of support, consultees are able to schedule monthly consultation sessions for $397 per month

I'm an employer seeking consultation support for my staff. How do I hire you?

Wonderful! I'm more than happy to offer consultation to your W2 employees & 1099 contractors. All corporate contracts are negotiated annually and rates vary dependent on staffing needs.

I'm not ready to start yet, can I hop on your waitlist?

Hiring a clinician for case consultation is an important decision, however I do not maintain a waitlist. Once spots are filled, this page will be updated. Openings will be publicized on my website, to my email list and on social media.

can you help me launch my private practice?

Yes, I support therapists & helping professionals create, launch, and maintain their private practices by helping them ethically blend their clinical skills & entrepreneurship without burnout - click here to be redirected to my consulting firm website.

- Aisha

"let's break down rigid, discriminatory, & unhealthy boundaries, while valuing the overlap between clinical, community practice, & advocacy."

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