Seeking Independent Licensure?

Supervision for those Seeking Independent Licensure

How Do You Know We’ll Be a Good Fit?

  • If you appreciate having your biases challenged and consider the challenge as an opportunity for growth within your social work practice.

  • If you practice social work with the intention of decolonizing institutions, like education, healthcare, mental health and therapy.

  • If you authentically support social movements and the populations you serve, beyond trending topics, hashtags, and performative expressions of allyship.

  • If you have the willingness to hold space for your lived experiences and the lived experiences of others while engaging in case conceptualization.

  • If you’re a medical social worker or you’re considering becoming a medical social worker.

  • If you’re unsure that your job is ‘clinical enough’.

  • If you’ve thought about leaving the field of social work.

  • If you know that you want your LCSW but are unsure about what to do next – spoiler alert opening up a private practice is not the only option.

  • If you want practical, lively, & unbiased guidance on how to manage your caseload, your colleagues, your role & career as a social worker, I’m the social worker that could help support you along your journey.

All in all there is no room for entitlement & self-righteousness

I believe that supervision is one of the many opportunities where we can learn, grow, develop, and enhance our social work skills. 


My professional ethics…

are steeped in social justice – breaking down rigid, discriminatory, & unhealthy boundaries, while valuing the overlap between clinical, community practice, and advocacy.

My professional experience…

has spanned across medical social work and became more niche as I moved through my career.

I started as a hospital-based social worker, first as a discharge planner then moved towards medical specialty care in outpatient settings.

My current social work practice led me to build my own private practice, where I provide individual therapy to those seeking anxiety relief.

I’m also a teacher and practitioner of yoga and meditation, which informs my life, leaving me room to care for myself and others in a mindful way.

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