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I don’t think that it’s impossible to learn how to manage life during moments of chaos, dread, and turmoil but it certainly takes a different type of energy and effort to push overwhelm out the door and invite in other feelings to the party with open arms.

3 Ways to Care for Yourself when Feeling Overwhelmed

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When someone is in the depths of feeling anxious, spontaneously striking a yoga pose is not going to cut it. There are so many different strategies and coping skills that are talked about to help manage feelings of anxiety and shouting commands like you’re speaking to Alexa or Siri, is not helpful.

“Relax” and 5 Other Phrases Not to Say to an Anxious Person

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Even though our global world has access to a lot of helpful information, many of us continue to hold on to outdated methods that have been passed around and down through the ages to discourage us from asking for additional support.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Mental Health | Anxiety Edition

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You feel more like you’re drowning than swimming with ease and yet the façade of “everything is fine” is convincing enough to have no one recognize that you’re barely holding it together.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover | The Paradox of High-Functioning Anxiety

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